Stable Investment Plans For Our Member's
 Welcome to Double Earning .Ltd
Affiliate Program For You.
The affiliate program allows you to earn 3% on the investments made by people you have referred to Double Earning and also no investment need to earn affiliate commission,
Company questions

What is Double Earning .Ltd?
Double Earning .Ltd is an investment website located in Panama.

Are you registered?
Yes, we are officially registered in PANAMA in 2011. Our legal corporate certificate and documents can be requested in certain circumstances, by any investors being a member with us for a long time.

Why are you registered offshore?
Being offshore, lets us have a higher level of asset protection and income tax reduction.

How long are you in business?
We started doing business in 2011, working with only a dozen private investors. We noticed potential and growth, and expanded our services accepting worldwide investors in June 2015.

How do you generate such returns on the investments?
Through the use of proprietary trading softwares and signals, we are able to generate higher returns by trading on the Forex market. All signals and trades are automatically executed by our own trading robot. We have several traders keeping our system updated to keep up with the current market conditions.

Account Questions

Do you require any verification to open an account?
No, we do not require any verification.

Can I open several accounts for my other family members?
Sure. Your family members or friends are allowed to open seperate accounts.

How can I change the compounding settings for a deposit?
You can not change! because we don't allowe compounding.

What do I do if i lose my password?
Click on Password Recovery at the top menu. And follow the instructions.

What do I do if i lose my Security PIN?
Please contact support if you lost the Security PIN.

How can I change my password?
Go to Edit Account, located at the top navigation bar.

Interest Questions

Which days do you pay interest?
We pay interest on Celendars days..

I deposited but my interest isn't being credited to my account?
It takes 24 hours to receive interest after depositing.

Deposit questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Advcash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Neteller and Bitcoin at the moment.

My deposit did not get added automatically to my account. What should I do?
First of all, this happens sometimes so please do not panic. Instead, mail us your username and transaction details to our support email. We will add your deposits manually within 24 hours.

How many deposits can I make?
You can make deposit with our selected plans.

Withdrawal questions

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Minimum withdraw amount is $10.00.

How do I withdraw my earnings?
Go to My Account, and click the Withdraw tab and click on Withdraw button. Select your ecurrency, enter withdrawal amount and click request. Confirm your request on the next page.

When will I receive my withdrawal?
At the moment, we pay all withdrawal requests instantly. However, our guarantee is you will receive any withdrawal requests within 36 hours or less.

How many withdrawals can I do daily?
We do not limit number of withdrawal requests so you can send as many as you like.

I have sent a withdrawal request but it hasn't been paid after 36 hours?
There are two reason why this might have happened. Either you forgot to setup your ecurrency account number in your profile page or we might have missed your request. If you already have an ecurrency account set but still haven't received your withdrawal, you can contact support and we will look into the issue. You can also cancel the withdrawal request from your account and make another withdrawal request.

Which days do you process withdrawals?
We process withdrawals every day of the week.

Do you charge any fees for withdrawals?
Yes, we charge 1% fee of your withdrawals.

I placed a wrong ecurrency account number, and my withdrawal has already been sent. Can you get back the amount?
No, all transactions are final and we cannot get back any amount that has been already sent. You are responsible for providing the correct account number.

Principal amount questions

What is the principal amount?
Principal amount is any amount you deposit. It is the amount on which we calculate interest on.

Do you return principal?
No, we do not return principal.

Referral and bonus program questions

Can I refer myself?
No, you cannot refer yourself, and if we catch you doing it we will suspend you.

Do I need to make any deposit to earn referral commission?
No, you do not need to make any deposits to promote Double Earning .Ltd.

How much is the referral commission paid?
The referral commission is 3% on all deposits. Deposits from account balance are not counted.

When can I withdraw my referral commission or bonus?
Referral commission and bonus earnings are available for withdrawal immediately as soon as it shows up on your account balance.

My downline has reported to me that he deposited, however I did not receive any commission?
Such a case might happen when our script does not add the deposit automatically. Please contact support with the details and we will add your referral commission manually.

Where can I find the banners and my referral link?
The banners are located inside the members area. Go to My Account page, click on Referral tab and then click on Referral links button.

Can I use my own banners?
Yes, you are allowed to create and use your own banners.

Do you offer any special offers or bonuses for power affiliates?
Besides the usual referral commission of 3%, we also offer the Power affiliate bonus. All our members can participate in this bonus program, and be rewarded for referring new members to us. The bonus pays when you have a certain number of active referrals. Active referrals are investors who you have referred, who has made a deposit on Double Earning .Ltd. You are able to check how many active referrals you have by logging in to your Account and going to the Referral section. You will be only eligible to receive each bonus ONCE per lifetime. This means that you receive the Level 1 bonus once when you reach 25 active referrals, and then you receive the Level 2 bonus when you reach 50 active referrals, then Level 3 and so on.

Bonus on Active investors

Level 1 25 active investors Receive bonus of $100.00
Level 2 50 active investors Receive bonus of $250.00
Level 3 100 active investors Receive bonus of $500.00
Level 4 250 active investors Receive bonus of $1,200.00
Level 5 500 active investors Receive bonus of $2,500.00
Level 6 1,000 active investors Receive bonus of $5,000.00