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Affiliate Program For You.
The affiliate program allows you to earn 3% on the investments made by people you have referred to Double Earning and also no investment need to earn affiliate commission,
We trade the spot currency market in both rising and falling market conditions by taking a low risk approach that has proven to provide consistent returns over time.

No matter what the economic climate is, we are able to identify trading opportunities.
Double Earning .Ltd, provides transparent, liquid and superior currency trading service that utilizes low risk strategies for maximum returns with a high priority on capital preservation. With low correlation to traditional forms of investment, we offer key diversification benefits to our investor portfolios. We trade the major pairs in the spot currency markets based on our proven trading strategies.

Our sole purpose and goal is to achieve above average returns for our investors.
Our trading team trades all the major currency pairs on the spot Forex market.These pairs include the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen as well as the Canadian Dollar, and the Australian Dollar. These currencies comprise the majority of the liquidity of the entire market. Our traders focus on dealing with the analysis of only the major currencies, permitting for continual and exclusive application with our trading methodology.

It is our sole objective to take as much profit as possible from the market every week utilizing our proven and proprietary trading methodologies.

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