1.1. The current Agreement is available for familiarization to each Investor.
1.2. Any disputes between the Company and the Investor are resolved through negotiations within the framework of the current Agreement. If there is no compromise, all disputable situations will be resolved in accordance with the law.
1.3. Become an Investor can only be a user who is an adult under the laws of the country where he resides at the time of registration.
1.4. All technical elements that are provided for the implementation of financial activities by the Investor are the property of the Company and can only be used for its intended purpose.
1.5. Full access to all the services of the site will be available only after the Investor is registered on the site.
1.6. Actions that could harm the Company's website are considered illegal and will be regarded as fraud and prosecuted under copyright law.


2.1. The Company undertakes to provide the Investor with the smooth operation of all the services of the site.
2.2. The Company guarantees the complete confidentiality of all received information from the Investor, except in cases when the disclosure of this information is necessary to resolve the disputes that have arisen.
2.3. The Company has the right to refuse to register the Investor without explanation.
2.4. The Company does not bear material and other liability to the Investor if it has suffered material damage from third parties through its own fault.


3.1. An obligatory condition for starting cooperation with the Company is the Investor's passage of the procedure for registering on the site.
3.2. In the process of registration, the Investor should indicate only reliable data.
3.3. Registration of an account is allowed only if the Investor opens an account in his name. Registration of an account in the name of other persons, as well as carrying out investment activities from third-party accounts, is strictly prohibited.
3.4. Multiple registration of accounts by one Investor is strictly prohibited.
3.5. Input and withdrawal of funds can be made only using accounts that are registered by the Investor. The use of accounts for financial transactions that are registered in the name of third parties will be considered by the Company as fraud.
3.6. Violation of any of the clauses of the current Agreement may cause a complete blockage of the Investor's account.
3.7. It is prohibited to use spam technologies to mislead other Investors regarding the Company's activities.
3.8. The Client has the right to terminate cooperation with the Company without giving reasons.
3.9. If the Investor finds that his account was hacked by third parties, he can contact the support service to restore access to the account.


4.1. The company undertakes to ensure the safety of work and for this uses modern technologies and services.
4.2. The investor for his part is also obliged to provide security data (login, password, etc.), which are used for investment. The company recommends that the Investor use a complicated password to access the account.
4.3. The company is not liable if the customer's personal data (login, password, etc.) has reached third parties.


5.1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment when the Investor is registered on the Company's website.
5.2. The Company has the right to terminate, reduce, modify or expand this Agreement or any service that is the property of the Company.
5.3. It is forbidden to invest money that the Investor received not through legal means.